Frequently Asked Questions

how long are we out fishing for?
We generally pick up from Shelly Beach at 8am and drop back at Shelly Beach at 4pm Unless other arrangements are made.

Do you fish the graveyard?
We have found over the years that no sooner we get there, people want to leave.  It it notorious for being rough.  There are many other fishing spots inside the harbour where we catch what you want without going to the graveyard.

Do you go over the bar?
NO.  The Kaipara Bar is notorious for being unpredictable and dangerous and has taken many lives.  There are many other fishing spots inside the harbour where we catch what you want without putting lives at risk.

How do we get to Springs Rd?
See our directions page.

Do you have rods for hire?
Yes we do have rods that are complimentary hire – FREE. We also supply free traces including hooks and sinkers, but if you lose a sinker you pay $5. They retail at a much higher price than this.  We have stock on board of all tackle gear required.

Do you supply bait?
We do not supply bait.  We recommend mullet and squid.  We do not recommend using pilchards.  With the fast running tide, they just break up and fall off the hook.

Can we bring our own rods?
Yes you can bring your own gear.

can we bring alcohol?
Yes you can bring your own booze but drink to moderation.  We reserve the right to stop the drinking if we believe someone may become intoxicated.

Do you have a BBQ?
Yes we have a BBQ and are happy for you to cook up a lunch.  Bring along steaks or sausages and bread or even cook up a fish you have caught.  Nothing nicer than freshly caught fish.

What else do I bring?
A chilli bin to put your fish in.
Salt Ice to keep the fish fresh.
Warm gear in case it gets cold out there. Esp a beanie and jacket.
****Spare cash in case you need to purchase sinkers.****