Most of our customers are regulars who book the whole boat.  We do however set some days each month for our casual charters then announce them.

Our next casual charter with seats available will be late March
Phone 0800TO FISH to book your seat.

If you would like to book casuals for a different day, we are looking forward to hearing from you!
Please feel free to get in touch via the form below with your details.  We can then let you know when we can fit you on for the next causal charter.  You can also chose to be added to our “FILLERS LIST” where if we are short of seats, we can call to see if you would like it.

Once You have booked with us, we encourage you to use our weather tab to watch the weather for the date you have booked.  Tony gets in touch with you Thursday evening for the next weekend charter that you have your name down for. This is when the charter is officially confirmed, sometimes with instructions to wait for Friday forecast.  However, No charter is guaranteed to be there for you if you have not replied to his texts at this time. and if you have not replied within 12 hours, we may assume you no longer wish to come out with us and your seat or even whole boat charter may be given to someone else.